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Real Estate Analysis & Management

Investment Analysis

  • Getting to know the potential of our clients’ current asset portfolio,
  • Project those results many years into the foreseeable future. 
  • Understand if our investors’ target goa is to carry a rental portfolio for many years, or to take the first offer presented with some profit and move on to the next property.

Market Resources

  • Source attractive properties with our off-market, 1031-friendly opportuntiies.
  • Sell your commercial property faster by using our premium sa
  • Get inside knowledge, presented in a transparent and straightforward manner.
  • We are GIS experiments, which means we have the ability to find spatial relationships to locate our key clients.

Wealth Management

  • We have extensive experience working with clients to help manage their wealth, mitigate tax liability, and maximize the benefit of 1031 exchange transactions.
  • Why put your money into a checking/savings account with slow growth, when you can invest in yourself and pick up properties that are high gorowth with tax benefits!


  • One of the most important benefits of our service is to free yourself from the burden of having to allocate time towards managing your investments.
  • Our team includes commercial realtors, an in-house accountant, a whole department of building techs, each with specialties in either renovations, or maintenance items

The CRE Portfolio Group manages my commercial portfolio while I sleep.  I enjoy getting my monthly and quartertly updates and watch my investment portfolio grow.  Highly recommended!

– Robert Jonson

1031 Real Estate Investment

Put your financial tax liabilities to work by turning it funds that help stimulate local economies as well as your capital improvement budget!

Retirement Income Planning

Automating an income for yourself for your retirement years is a very real possiblity. In a short amount of time, you can grow a portfolio that automates a healthy revenue stream to your account each month!


2021 US Effective Rent Increase

Our Mission Is to Automate Your Monthly Income.  The Threshold Is up to YOU!

Feel the sense of relief in knowing that you diversified your investment funds to a market that only gets stronger during tough economic challenges. Ultimately, if the economy is struggling, more people will rent…



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